The perfect end.

Cakes, Shakes & More

Lucy!Lucy Sugar Cream Cake 6

A gooey, butter, creamy dense cake, topped with fresh strawberry puree.

Shakes 5.50

Chocolate, caramel or vanilla.

Malts 6.50

Chocolate, caramel or vanilla.

Soft Serve Cone (or cup) 2

Go make your own.

Root Beer Float 3.50

Warm Chocolate Chip Brownie Skillet 4.50

Melted chocolate chips, warm brownie, topped with vanilla soft serve ice cream.

Elephant Ear 5

Fried golden brown with cinnamon, sugar. Add vanilla soft serve ice cream on top for extra.

Gluten Free Item Icon - Roots Burger Bar Dinner Menu Item can be made gluten-free. NOTE: Airborne flour sometimes occurs in a scratch kitchen.

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