The start or the main attraction?

Cauliflower Wings 9.50

Fried cauliflower, drizzled with mild sauce.With carrot, celery and choice of ranch or bleu cheese.

Chicken Tenders 8.99

5 marinated, hand-breaded chicken tenders. With your choice of ranch, hot, mild, or BBQ.

Deviled Eggs and Bacon Gluten Free Menu Item 9.50

Six deviled eggs topped with candied bacon.

Gravy Train Fries 8.99

Full pound of loaded, seasoned fries. You choose: mom's brown gravy or nacho cheese. Add bacon and sour cream, $2 extra. Add chili, $3 extra. Load it up with everything for the Kitchen Sink, $4.50 extra.

Nachos Gluten Free Menu Item 10.99

Ground taco meat, nacho cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, roasted chili relish, jalapeños, sour cream. Salsa available upon request. Substitue chicken for beef, $3 extra. Substitute chili for beef, $2 extra.

Onion Rings 9.99

3/4 pound of thick, beer-battered sweet Spanish onions fried golden brown, served with secret sauce.

Pimento Tots Gluten Free Menu Item 9.50

Tater tots, pimento cheese, bacon, scallions, ranch.

Pint 'O Bacon Gluten Free Menu Item 5.50

Six slabs of thick cut, crispy and candied bacon.

Salsa and Chips Gluten Free Menu Item 5.99

Salsa served with fresh fried tortilla chips. Add a cup of nacho cheese, $3 extra.

Soft Pretzels 7.99

Trio of pretzels served with nacho cheese and stone mustard. 

Wings Gluten Free Menu Item 7.99

5 jumbo chicken wings, choice of: House-Made Dry rub, Hot, Mild, BBQ, Sweet Ginger teriyaki. With carrot, celery and choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese.

Burger Bar

For any of the below burgers, plant-based, meatless options available as a substitute. Ask for our selections and price. If none of our creations below sound appealing, go ahead and customize your own, we won’t be offended… much. Our patties are 3 oz. and smashed thin. Many argue that smashed burgers have their original ROOTS from Indiana.

Add cheese – choice of: Swiss, American or Cheddar $1 extra for single, $1.50 extra for double, $2 extra for triple. Pricing structure listed single far left, double and triple far right.

All sandwiches are served with seasoned fries OR tots and a side of homemade secret sauce.
Want your fries really good? Ask to have them topped with Mom’s Brown Gravy OR Nacho Cheese, $2 extra. Or, make them even gooder with gravy or nacho cheese AND bacon and sour cream, $3 extra. Substituting a side costs extra. You can substitute a different side from the SIDES menu and can deduct $1 from the a la carte pricing.
Substitute gluten-free bun, $3 extra.

Melt 8 / 10 / 12

Swiss, mushrooms, caramelized onions, mayo, lettuce, pickles.

Sloppy Jalopy 10 / 12 / 14

Blue cheese, bacon, tonkatsu BBQ mayo, fried onions.

South by Southwest 11 / 13 / 15

Cheddar, hatch chili relish, avocado, secret sauce.

Southern Pride 9 / 11 / 13

Pickle, pimento cheese, bacon, secret sauce, tomato jam.

Swine Time 8 / 10 / 12

American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion.

Wise's All American Original 6 / 8 / 10

Lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, secret sauce.

Other Groceries

Includes fries or tater tots

2 Chili Dawgs 10

Two all-beef dogs, split-top bun. Add onions and shredded cheddar cheese, $2.

Blackened Cod Sandwich 9

Pan seared blackened 4 oz cod fillet, avocado, tomato and lettuce. Tartar upon request.

Chicken and the Egg 9

Hand breaded country fried chicken, egg salad, lettuce, tomato, and secret sauce.

Dad's Fried Balogna Gluten Free Menu Item 8

Thick sliced bologna, American cheese, pickle and tomato jam on a bun.

Fish and Chips 13.99

Fried 8 oz cod fillet, fries, cocktail sauce or tartar sauce and bottle of malt vinegar.

Grilled Cheese Jam 8

Cheddar, American, Swiss, bacon jam and pickle.

Kickin' Chicken 9

Marinated, hand-breaded chicken breast, fried golden and tossed in Buffalo sauce. We encourage you to add cheese for $1.50 extra.

Mom's Tenderloin 9

6 oz pork tenderloin dredged in flour and fried golden brown, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion and mayo. Want it grilled? Just ask.

Soccer Mom Gluten Free Menu Item 8

Grilled chicken sandwich, lettuce, tomato, onion.

Steak and Fries Gluten Free Menu Item 15.99

10 oz sirloin cooked to specification and fries. Want a couple eggs? We can do that for $2 extra. (Note: Steak Nite every Wednesday. Steak, fries, or salad for $12.99)


Dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Green Goddess, Caesar, Agave Lime Vinaigrette

Amy's Kale Caesar Gluten Free Menu Item 10.99

Shaved parmesan, croutons, radish, homemade Caesar dressing and lemon. Add grilled chicken, $3 extra.

Beet Blue Salad Gluten Free Menu Item 10.99

Roasted beets, micro lettuce, sumac, hazelnuts, blue cheese dressing. Add grilled chicken, $3 extra.

Fried Chicken Chopped Salad 12.99

Bacon, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese, sunflower seeds, radishes, eggs, croutons and avocado green goddess dressing. Substitue grilled chicken at no extra cost.

House Salad Gluten Free Menu Item 8.99

Lettuce, tomato, onion, shredded cheese, croutons side of dressing. Add grilled chicken, $3 extra.

Shaved Cauliflower 12.99

Golden raisins, green onion, almonds and fried goat cheese tossed in white balsamic vinaigrette.

Taco Salad Gluten Free Menu Item 10.99

Crisp iceberg, seasoned ground taco beef, tomato, corn, cilantro, pickled red onions, tortilla strips, agave-lime vinaigrette. Substitute grilled chicken, $2 extra. Add chicken to make it a combo, $3 extra.


A la carte pricing. To substitute any side below in place of fries or tots on sandwiches, you can deduct $1 from the prices below for that specific substitution. To add any side below to an entrée, a la carte pricing.

Chili 3 Ways (cup -or- bowl) See Desc.

1) Chili - $4.50 cup / $6 bowl 
2) Chili, Onion, Cheese - $5 cup / $6.50 bowl
3) Chili, Onion, Cheese, Elbow Noodles - $5.50 cup / $7 bowl

Chili Cheese Fries 5

Fried Brussel Sprouts 5.50

Spicy soy sesame dressing.

Fries: Good - Gooder Gluten Free Menu Item 3

Good Seasoned Fries - $2 extra
Gooder Gravy Fries (mom's brown gravy or nacho cheese) - $3 extra

Fruit Gluten Free Menu Item 4

Oranges, Golden Sweet Pineapple, Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Grapes.

Mac & Cheese 5

Side Salad 3

Tater Tots Gluten Free Menu Item 3

Thick Onion Rings 5

Tomato Bisque 4.50 / 6.50

Cup or Bowl


Elephant Ear 5

Fried golden brown with cinammon, sugar. Add vanilla soft serve ice cream on top, $2.

Lucy!Lucy Sugar Cream Cake 6

A gooey, buttery, creamy dense cake, topped with fresh strawberry puree.

Malts 6.50

Chocolate, caramel or vanilla.

Root Beer Float 3.50

Shakes 5.50

Chocolate, caramel or vanilla.

Soft Serve Cone (or cup) 2

Go make your own.

Warm Chocolate Chip Brownie Skillet 4.50

Melted chocolate chips, warm brownie, topped with vanilla soft serve ice cream.


Sweet OR Unsweet Tea 2.50

Acqua Panna (16 oz) 4

Pelligrino Bottled Water (bubbles) 4

Chocolate or White Milk (2%) 2.50

No free refills.

Soft Drinks 2.50

Coke, Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Root Beer, Mr. Pibb, Hi-C Fruit Punch

Gluten Free Item Icon - Roots Burger Bar Dinner Menu Item can be made gluten-free. NOTE: Airborne flour sometimes occurs in a scratch kitchen.

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