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Scott Wise comes home to his 'roots' as Roots Burger Bar officially opens

MUNCIE, Ind. – News circulated quickly when Scott Wise said he was coming back to Muncie to start a new restaurant called Roots Burger Bar.

The latest business in a series of new restaurants around Muncie has officially opened up in the old Scotty’s Brewhouse location in the Village near Ball State University. 

Wise has said he is literally coming back to his roots, something that has meant a lot to the entrepreneur.

Roots held its soft opening on Thursday in the same place that Wise, a graduate of Yorktown High School and Ball State University, founded Scotty's Brewhouse in 1996. Even in the first two days of opening to little fanfare, the restaurant drew steady crowds for both lunch and dinner.

What's with the name?

The businesses slogan on the restaurant's website might sum up Wise’s business philosophy for Roots the best.

“The interesting fact about Roots are that they rarely can do anything great on their own  they need nurturing, watering and love from the community helping that tree grow,” the website states.

A sign on top of the wall behind the bar counter reads “Never forget your ROOTS.”

Going back to his roots has been Wise’s driving force for the restaurant in the location, style and practice.

Wise said that during the soft opening a former employee came in, and the conversation stirred Wise.

“Scott, I haven’t seen you smile this big in a long time,” he told Wise.

That was a big deal for the owner. He was home, and he knew it.

Starting a new restaurant from the ground up has allowed Wise to reconnect with why he liked being a restaurant owner in the first place, something he said he lost after opening up multiple locations and becoming more of an office-based worker with his previous chain.

“I loved being able to talk to my staff, my guests and those kinds of experiences,” Wise said about finding his passion again. “I’m back to feeling like I’m alive again.”

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